Sunday, December 21, 2008

6.3 mile run. HAVE TO ACTUALLY CHARGE THE GARMIN... Went dead in the first minute of running. Anyways, gutted it out not knowing how far , how fast. Made it anyways. Felt great , like I could have run all day BUT made it an hour which felt close enough to all day! had to figure out mileage the old fashioned (well, old as in 2 weeks ago) way with 6.3 miles approx. 9:30 pace. Not bad , actually a little faster than my so called training pace of 9:47.

Hockey game at 5, we lost 7-4, one of their guys scored 4 . Scored 6 the last time we played him. He's one those that likes to see his goal total high and shouldn't be even in our league. But of course if he actually played against guys of his ability he couldn't score even a goal a game.

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