Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ok, finally getting to it. This weekend I continued my journey through the Big Baz WTRS Trail Race Series (which is exactly what the T and the R and the S stand for!). Oh well!
So, I plodded through the 12k. I slogged through a sloppy slippery 15k. Now I was on to the 18k. Weather was just about perfect for this one. Started off halfway decent and fell in with group of runners along the single track. Hard to pass so basically we went roughly 3.5 miles in line. Then there was a separation and I ended up with 2 other runners. Basically we were together all the way to the end. A lot of carnage on this race. One of the victims was Doug Malewicki.
He wouldn't clean his wounds until everyone got their pictures of them!
There were quite a few others who came in with blood dripping. One had cuts on his forehead from doing a faceplant .
I got through unscathed! Finished in about 2:12 which I seem to be every race 10 minutes slower than 3 years ago.
Oh well, guess it ain't no big deal. As long as I finish.
Stiffened up by the time I got back to San Diego. Spent the rest of the day drinking fluids and trying to recover. Had a nice nap. Got up from my nap and THEN went to bed!
Next morning was feeling pretty good and put in a run with some nice hills in it and worked out any stiffness I had.
21k coming up in 2 weeks. After that not sure about the 30k.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Actually feeling really good running right now. Able to run back to back days 2 times this past week. And 3 of those 4 runs I did without my compression sleeves! YAY!!!!!

Had the trail race on Saturday of 9 miles, then did 5 miles on Sunday. Rested on Monday. Ran 7 miles along the harbor Tuesday and tonight I did 5 miles with a lot of hills. So my legs are holding really good right now. Was worried ahead of the 2 trail races I did because my shin stuff was flaring up. But after both races it felt great until I started running on pavement. So I gots to limit my road running. No doubt.
I've incorporated a lot more stretching before and after runs. Even trying a product called Recover-Ease. Don't know if it is a coincidence or not but I ain't changing now! Plus I am back to my running weight that I was at 2-3 years ago when I was at my running bestest! Weight, even a few pounds, makes a lot of difference I feel. Less stress on everything when you run.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rainy cold windy muddy... Great combination for a trail race. Big Baz WTRS 15k in the books people!
Headed out of 619 (San Diego!!!) and weather was good . All the local weather hotties said we would wake up to rain. Maybe they did. I don't know what time they get up,,, unfortunately! But I woke up and left to a really nice looking day. Well that kinda changed when I hit Temecula and it started spritzing. Nothing much. Once I got to Lake Elsinore it was coming down quite a bit more. Worked my way up 74 to the start area and it came down a lot harder. It was cold, too. 44 upon my arrival. At least I was parked close to the start area and went to pick up my bib. Pouring and my little jacket was drenched by the time I got to the sign up . Hightailed it back to the truck freezing my ganoobles off! Sat in the truck til 8:15.

I then headed out to the start to listen to the wisdom of BAZ. Race started and I decided to start a little slow. Ran up the pavement to hit the trail head about  a mile. Started TOO slow. Got stuck on the single track trail in a group of runners I should have been ahead of. But, not much I could do about it . No passing on a one runner wide trail. Trails were extremely muddy also. So pretty much had to just ride it out. And this was the part of the race that was my time to shine. Well I had no shine today... This was supposed to be MY fast part of the race but... what the hell... it's all good. Once we hit the uphill you know I fade like Herm Cain once the shit hit the multiple women fan!!! Mud, slippery yet somehow sticky mud made for ginger (even though I am a Mary Ann fan) running. Once we made it down we then had to go up. I got so tired near the end that I didn't even have the energy to dodge the water. I figured what the hell at this point and just ran straight thru the middle of every water hazard. Finally got back to the pavement and what the hell is up with people telling me I LOOK GOOD? I know they are lying... I feel like crap, I look like crap and I might even need to take a cr... No not really but hope you get my point.

Finished worse than last race, so now is where I have to say I will be better next time... Sound familiar? But I survived the conditions and that's the main thing for this one.
Headed back down the mountain and stopped at Subway for a sandwich.Yummy!

I'll be back!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Excellent run tonight! Just what I needed. Went to inmotionfit training run. Ran all the way with Juan. And you better want to run fast if you intend to stay with him! Quite a bit faster pace than I had planned on but it was really good to push myself to hang with Juan.
Started out kind of slow.Finally passing everyone to lead the pack to the Hilton. Saw our fearless leader and local TV personality Katie fresh off her appearance on the Sunday local news to tell us STUFF...about running! Anyways, we waited for the pack and then headed back to the Star of India. Juan increasing the pace little by little. We decided to run to the Coast Guard turnaround. We ended up running in the low 8:00 pace for the last 2+ miles. Got in 5 miles and felt great afterwards.
Juan is off to Maui for a half marathon this weekend and a lot of other people are doing Carlsbad Sunday. I'm off to the mountains again for another spectacular blazingly fast trail race Saturday!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A little late with this post but that happens! Did the Baz WTRS 12k trail race Saturday. Turned out to be perfect weather. Headed in to pick up my number and heard someone calling my name... One of my many fans??? Well yeah kinda, the ONLY one at this race. Lauren was there volunteering and taking pics all day.

Started the race off too fast. Finally pulled off to the side and left the pack I was with. Caught my breath and tried to hang with the next group of runners. Never quite got in my comfort zone til a little over 3 miles in. Tough recovering when I start too fast. I seem to have that problem mainly in trail races I do. Road races I seem ok with. Somehow I seem to think I should be maintaining the pace on the trail as I do on the road and consequently I run way too fast at the start. Then it all blows up and I struggle to get back to a pace I can maintain just to finish. Need to race smarter!

Anyways, finally got feeling ok and comfortable but still feel I should run more and walk way less. Love the downhills that were just before the final roughly 2 miles up to the finish. Plus the last little run into the finish on the pavement was nice too!
Finished right at about 50% of the field. 75th out of 148... Will do better in the 15k in a couple weeks!
Stuck around for the post race Bazfest. It's worth the drive just to be there there for Baz to hand out the awards and then the raffle. Truly one of a kind!!!

Overall I guess I should be happy but I always look back at what I should've and could've done different. Doesn't help this race but maybe future ones.

Was happy to see Lauren and it takes people like her volunteering all race day to make it possible. And she got me to pose for a pic! Not an easy task!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

New way I may carry my water now!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

8.5 mile run this morning. Decided to go to Mission Bay and run. Does every running group in San Diego run the same place??? Maybe that's why I'm not part of a group anymore. Man there was a ton of runners! So, lesson learned ... Big mistake . Need to run later in the morning. On the way back in it was a lot less congested. Started at the north end of Mission Bay heading towards SeaWorld and went through the SeaWorld parking lot and made the turn around .
Had kind of a nice steady run and as long as I stay injury free I am happy (running).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 miler from Star of India to the south end of Harbor Island. Tried out some new shoes tonight and they felt really good. And they are black, my favorite color!
Ran nice and smooth all the way. First run in quite awhile that I have felt that way. On the way back ran past Dave and Katie from inmotionfit running program. Have seen Dave about 3 runs that I have done in the same area recently but first time seeing Katie, who IS inmotion... We high fived each other and then I finished up my run and I was home in no time!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Put in an 8 mile run today. Nothing spectacular just a run. Did see a new hot dog stand! Had a California AND a TJ Hot Dog! Man, if only I ran with money... The picture of me running back with a Cal Dog in one hand and a TJ Dog in the other would have been fan-dam-tastic!!!! So glad I had no dinero! Anyways, that was pretty much the highlight of today's run. So I will be back to my normal schedule and looking forward to races after the new year... Maybe avoid that hot dog stand too! That's a weakness I have... HOT DOGS!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back from doing the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. Buzzed up on Friday. Stayed at Luxor right next to Mandalay Bay where the race was starting. Checked in . Got some dinner and then all of a sudden seemed real late real quick! Saturday we headed out to the Expo. Nothing beats walking 3 miles when it's nice and cold and really windy!! Plus we are walking BACK!!! Picked up the packet and walked around the Expo trying every free drink and nutrition bar that was being offered. Got the hell out of there and headed for some FOOD! Had my number and was looking damn good!!! Even if I'm the only one that thinks so! This was one of the super eats that I had (actually had all great food on this trip.)
Headed back down the strip checking out some different hotels with Christmas themes.
And then to M&M WorldThen to Coca Cola Store... Boring as hell and sacrilegious to me... Because I am a Diet Pepsiguy!!! Almost like me going to an Obama convention! Yeah, lots of fun!!!! One more year and out, PLEASE!
Later we headed over to the
MGM for a nice Ahi Salad.
Sunday we hooked up withmy sister and her roomies for lunch in the Mandalay Bay. I had Salmon plopped on some other stuff(?). Mainly ate only the salmon. Left those reading glasses in the hotel when we checked out... Oh well, I buy them by the 3 packs at CVS!
Went back to our room. Rested
and watched Tiger win some golf deal. Got ready for the race and then it was like being herded like cattle through Mandalay Bay making our way to the start area. Once there immediately hit the port a potty ( because I love peeing on poo!!!) and then made the crush and I do meanCRUSH to my proper and almost appointed corral. Once my corral started it was another crush of elbow to elbow walking and then slightly a jog and then an actual run. Jesus, too many goddam runners all in one place! Quite a contrast to trail races I do where the entry is capped in the low HUNDREDS... This Half had over 33,000 entries! It was somewhat of a mess for the first couple miles... Aaah, who am I kidding it was a mess all the way to the finish. Wall to wall people.
My run was absolutely positively nothing spectacular. I just
pretty much ran a steady race after the first mile. Averaged 9 all the way and finished at 1:58:14 . Wanted anything under 2 hours so I was happy enough. Took mea little while to recover but was back to my normal self in no time!
Got a shower and recovered a
nd went back to my sister who was already finished looking as freshas ever! And this is how she thanked me for the effort I put in to take her pic after HER race! Was only trying to help! Like I always do!!!! Headed out afterwards with my sister for a couple drinks and some eats. Guess she forgave me for the pictures... Well , until this post!
Got to bed around 1 and got up at 6 to get my sister
to the airport but first I had to get gas... Nice price!
Overall, a very fun weekend and glad I entered back when I was injured. This was the big motivation I needed to get back to running and am so happy to be through some of my past problems and injuries.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NASCAR guys are in Vegas for their banquet. Will be hangin' with them!... Kind of... Same State. Same county. Same City. Of course the only one I care about is Jeff Gordon. So if I see him... Oh yeah! Almost forgot there is a little run I am doing. Rock N Roll Half Marathon. Everything is set and ready to go. No PR this race I predict but will just enjoy the run. Never know what will happen once the race starts but am just hoping to be close to 2 hours. 1:50 being my best HM, I honestly don't think that will be within reach this time.
Got in my last long run Monday night as I missed my Sunday run. Really good run . Got in 10 miles. Run again Thursday night and want a short easy run sometime Saturday.
So follow me on Twitter for my absolute most exciting can't miss updates on what the hell I am doing!!! Richrunning92

But if I see Jeff Gordon I may get a PR!!!