Sunday, January 11, 2009

Big Baz race was it yesterday. Turned out to be pretty easy to find going thru Lake Elsinore and onto 74.
Cold and windy when we got there. Warmed up on the run but had really major gusts of wind out on the trail.
Started off fairly slow and kind of just follow the leader. Single track trail so no way of passing . Which turned out to be ok cuz I would have started too fast and not been able to last.
Plus it set me up to hook up with someone who helped me thru the race.
About 2 1/2 miles in I hooked with Doug Malewicki and man that was a blessing! This 69 year young guy really is awesome. He helped pace me and when he ran, I ran. When he walked, I walked. Trails were way more rocky than I imagined and uphill "running" was pretty much non existent to us mere mortals. Downhill was another matter and Doug REALLY excelled at that. Passed alot of people on those downhills. I wonder what his legs felt like a day or 2 after those downhills cuz I know mine were hurting like a mother f !!!!
But anyways we pushed on and wasn't sure how much I should be drinking and such but tried not to get dehydrated and drank when I could and had one Gu pack somewhere in there , not quite sure at what mile. Was looking to put in close to a 12k (7.4 miles)and the end never quite got there as Doug kept asking mileage and we ended up past 8 miles and not even close to the end and Doug reassured me this REALLY would be my longest run ever! My answers became shorter and shorter as the mileage pushed upwards. I couldn't wait to get to the end. I had been running/walking for over an hour and a half. If it wasn't for Doug I would have walked more! But I couldn't be TOTALLY shown up by a near (in March) 70 year old! So I kept running and pushing more than I really cared to but it's what I had to do... Finally we saw hope of a finish ... Cars... parked along where we started. Only took another frickin half mile to get to the finish line from there.
Immediately started coughing real bad after stopping. I'm ok when moving but as soon as I stop the coughing returns. Don't now if I ever will get rid of this cough. It's sooooo frustrating and irritating... Popped a cough drop and went for some of Baz's beer! Knew that would be the medicine .
Awards and raffle showed what Baz was like. Typical promoter, can't believe shit he says! Reminds me of Otis C. Fudpucker ,famous District 38 desert race (motorcycle) promoter, with all his BS! But he definitely is quite a character... Doesn't care what he says and who he says it to! Funny dude!
All in all it was a great experience and am so glad I did it.
I matched my goals of 1.Finishing and 2. Of finishing in front of SOMEONE!
Over 9 miles so might as well do the 15k since this turned out to be a 15k anyways.
Again, want to thank Doug Malewicki big time!
And hope to see my new running buddy Doug at the next race on the 24th.

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