Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ok, the 18k turned out to be about a little over a 15k. Worked out ok that way. Started the run and shortly in stomach was feeling really bad. About 2.5 miles in I had to walk for awhile. Right at 4 miles I started feeling better so got back to running and actually did pretty well for me.

Not much in the way of rain during the run but sure saw the effects of earlier rain. Mud and some good sized puddles to hop over.
Gutted it out and finished in about 2hours and 2 minutes. Awards and raffle came and went with Baz handing out alot of stuff and even got a picture of Overall winner Dean
Dobberteen, from Chula Vista with Baz and Doug
Malewicki .
As soon as raffle ended it started to hail.
38 degrees when I left and heavy rain as soon as I
hit San Diego county. I mean HEAVY...

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