Saturday, March 7, 2009

Run Bike Run today... or plod chug plod. Tri Club put on a Duathlon today in the Eastlake . My first event with the Tri Club. These people are fast! Got my timing chip, lucky #696, strapped it to my ankle and loaded my bike in the transition area. All new stuff to me. Looking around at all the high dollar tri bikes, I figured what the hell , I'll race on a slightly smaller budget and hope to not finish last! Seems to be my race strategy lately.
Race started and we were suppose to go around the park between Duncan Ranch Rd and Hunte Parkway out to Otay Lakes Rd and back to the start. Well only one person did the long loop and the rest of us cut down a nice gravel path thru the center of the park. Cut a little over half mile off the run but when we got to the supposed end to the first run we were told to make another lap! Fun fun fun! Made it another lap. Got to the transition area. Put helmet on and took off pedaling. Didn't change shoes as I had decided to bike in my running shoes.
Hooked up on the bike ride about 2 miles in with a young guy from Biola University. He was on his very first race of any kind. We stuck together thru the 14 mile bike ride and for about half the second run. finishing up the bike ride and transitioning into the run wasn't too bad. Legs a little tight but figured I couldn't go much slower than the first 2.5 miles!
So I ran a total of 5 miles biked 14 miles and was the last male finisher. 1 guy had a flat tire so you know what I say to him? "LOSER!!!!!!!!!!! Passed you sucker!See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya! Better you than me!" And after all that maturity I wanted to do my neener neener dance but... I felt too grown up to do that.

All in all (I don't even know what all in all means... but I'm going to keep using it!)
it wasn't a great day but got some exercise, found out I can do it and I finished. Might as well do it no matter how fast or slow I am. beats sitting around.

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