Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Run With Greg night... No he wasn't...Ok ok, I'll just let you know if he shows up!It'll be waaaay easier that way! Hell, even Owen didn't show up tonight . Small group, mostly fast young people, so I hung with 2 women and went on our own route and had a pretty good run.
Then, went to leave and had a flat tire! GREAT! Called the Auto Club and got someone to change it and yippee I'm on my way!
Took Junior for a walk and all of a sudden in the middle of our walk he fell to the ground and got up but seemed dizzy or disoriented in some way and fell over again. I got to him and just made him sit there for awhile. His heart was racing pretty fast and when he calmed down he could walk ok. Thought he had some kind of seizure or something. Seems ok now but kind of weird. Getting closer to the end but he's my buddy so I'll do what I have to ...

Also, thru all this excitement(!?)... I signed up for the Encinitas Duathlon, the Orange County Duathlon and the Solana Beach Duathlon. Not to mention races in Temecula, Black Mtn, and IB.
Long as I'm healthy I'm going for it ... and if you ain't believin' in what I'm doing I ain't hangin' with you! No time or effort wasted on the people who sap life out of you. Don't need it or want it.
Hockey tomorrow night.

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