Saturday, April 18, 2009

Decided to hit the Chollas Lake 5k this morning. Last minute decision. Never been there but turnedout to be a pretty good event. Not a great run for me. Started too fast and couldn't maintain.
Some father was telling his kid on the start line not to go out too fast. Well, then of course I went out too fast and that was all she wrote, Gracie! Oh well, at least I did it and I helped put some solar crap in some African schoolhouse! WHAT???!!!! That's their cause not mine...
Then got back and rehydrated, took Junior for a walk, he did his thing and I took off for a bike ride. Really windy heading up Harbor Dr. thru downtown then to Old Town and back down the Marina in National City and then back to the shop. 21 miles total.\
Now it's time to watch Jeff Gordon kick ass on the race track! Also, watching a sprint car race on the computer from Lawrenceburg where Josh Wise set fast Qual. time and Cole Whitt qual. 15th.

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