Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tonight was another Run With Greg run in Balboa Park. Mostly trail . Worked some of the Florida Canyon runs. Was warned by Owen it would be pretty tough... Well those canyons ain't nothin' compared with what I had to run in Big Baz races! So I pretty much hung with the first 4 runners until about the last mile and a half when I was running in back of a woman who led the entire way.
It was a very good workout and was pleased with my running. Alot of uphills, NO TRUCKS to TOTALLY panic anyone and paced really well.
About 4.4 miles total.
Tomorrow night should be my first game back in hockey since concussion. No headaches for a week...or at least no big ones! So back at it with an ATTITUDE! Pro active not reactive... they'll be hit first! Not waiting to retaliate, I'll let them think about retaliating. Fuck 'em all!

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