Monday, July 27, 2009

Solana Beach Duathlon race recap: Actually went pretty well and better than expected considering just getting back to running after a couple injuries. Ran the first mile in 7:06 pace. Warmup run my shin muscles felt super tight and I thought Oh Crap!, this is going to be a rough one mile! But it worked out as soon as we took off and I zipped (for me) thru it. Made the transition area pretty fast and found my bike and took off. I'm still pathetically slow on the bike. Old ladies pushing a full shopping cart up hill were flying by me!
But anyways, most of the people who passed me on the bike I was able to get on the last 3 mile run. Stayed pretty strong and steady on the run. Was aiming for around 8:30 pace and ended up at an 8:35 pace. So, pretty good.
Didn't finish last in my age group so I was happy! I have no hope of placing in my age group but doesn't matter any more. The top 4 0r 5 are really super fast and have been doing this a long time.
I'm sure I'll improve but how much , I don't know.

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