Sunday, August 23, 2009

Had a great (FOR ME!) run today. 4 miles with the inmotionfit group. Started off with the pack but the leader was going so slow (10+ pace) I wanted to take off but wasn't sure of the route. So, finally one other runner takes off and I followed him. Kept him in sight but seems like he didn't EXACTLY know the route. So lost him when he turned and waited for the main group. I kept running and finally turned around when it didn't look quite right. Coming back I meet up with the group and the fast guy is with them also!
So again he takes off and I follow closely this time. pretty straight forward on the way back. He is really smooth and fast but somehow I hung with him. Ended up with just over 4 miles at an 8:39 pace.
This was my first week back after missing 2 weeks with shin splints. Overall happy with run. No pain, all the gain!
In the afternoon took my new mtn. bike out for shake down cruise.

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