Sunday, November 8, 2009

2 new PR's this weekend for me . First on Saturday the Buffalo Alley 10k. Posted my fastest 10k yet. 55:something .
Met Lauren from On The Run Blog. She also had a really good race being faster than last years time also. Of course she had to get the Polaroid out and take some pictures. And now I officially have the absolute dorkiest picture posted EVER! Great! Thanks! Ever hear of a do over? Oh well... At least we got to meet.
My OLDER sister also shaved a lot of time off her last years run. I think 10-11 minutes faster this year. Which is awesome!
I consider it a tough course. Push too hard up that first hill and you might determine how your day will be right there. It's steep to me but a lot of people ran all the way up. I only made it about 3/4's of the way up and had to walk. But I jammed on the flats and downhills and then some more of the hills I basically walked. Then finally had the last downhill and flat after that, flying all the way in. Didn't have much at the end for any real sprint but ended up with right around an avg pace of 9:o7.
Getting a lot of rest always leads to good races. Right? Well, yeah sure... so anyways Sat. night plenty of rest(?)(!) and up on Sun. ready for the Shelter Island 5k.

Sundays Shelter Island 5k was a first. Never done any kind of race or event with anyone who might possibly maybe potentially have some kind of interest in me. Started off I think all 3 of us (my sister was there also,gutting out a 5k after a 10k the day before) were going to run together but when I looked back I didn't see either one of them! Maybe they were ahead of me! So, I ran faster picking my way thru a lot of runners. Still couldn't see either one of them! I began to worry they would beat me to the finish line so I ran faster! Truth be told I never looked back at the beginning once! I just assumed they would be with me... Anyways, it was a really flat course and just kept moving along. Went past the SDYC where I worked full time graveyard security for like 2 and a half years and saw fat ass Robert at the guard gate and gave some kind of wave to him. I'm sure I had more then one finger extended! Probably not though, I was kind of tired by then... But finally made it to the finish and ended up averaging 7:31 for a 23:21. Another PR. 2 days 2 PR's , piece of frickin' cake!
Then someone who claims they run 10 min miles comes in and pushes hard to finish mid 26 for an 8:37 pace. Totally awesome run and I think it surprised her on how fast she ran. Sandbagger i say ! Yes, you
Then my OLDER sister comes in in like 33 0r 34 min which is faster than she has been running on her training runs. Maybe a breakthrough weekend for her. Shows she can pick up the pace and NOT die!
Great brunch afterwards and nice GODDAM shuttle service that was promised. We ended up basically walking back to the start line. Shuttle, we don't need no stinkin' shuttle!!!!!

So, I know this post pushes my favorite furry "boddy" off the first page but I miss you Junior!
You're in my thoughts all the time... and new fave coffee cup!


Lauren said...

two races back to back! You guys are good. And great times too.

By the way, you want to see dorky? There's plenty of me on the OCTR site : ) And boy some of those race photographers really take some terrible ones of me (I'm cracking my jaw, or I'm hunched over, squinching my noise -- classic) Dorky is good though -- it makes people smile.

Rich Merritt said...

Yeah, dorky good, uh huh, sure!