Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh NO! I forgot my Garmin watch today for my inmotionfit 10 mile run today. Wasn't sure if I knew how to run without it! I rely on it to tell me EVERYTHING... Oh well, I survived.
Started out with the 3 faster runners but somewhere on the boardwalk I decided the pace was a touch too much for me and dropped back struggling a little bit. Was hoping someone would catch up to me but no one wanted to hang with me. I don't know why... I had a new running shirt on and looked damn fine!! Anyways, things got a little better after the turn around point and finished 10 miles in roughly 1 hour 26 for close to 8:40 pace.
So not too bad and was glad to get 2 days in a row in of 9 and 10 miles cuz I'll have to be ready in a month for back to back races of fairly equal distance.


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Ileana said...

Well, for a gal like you......a very determined one........anything is possible!