Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Big Baz Trail Race tomorrow. Last year this was my first real trail race. And I fell in love with trail running. Once you run trails it's a little hard to plod along the sidewalks or streets. Trails keep you thinking and paying attention all the time. Kind of like walking down a flight of stairs and NOT missing that last step! oh well, no one is truly perfect...
But it should be a lot of fun and hopefully great weather this time. Last year 3 of the 4 races were all in cold and rainy weather at times. Last race even had patches of snow in certain areas.
So, a 12k run this time and having second thoughts about entering the next Baz 15k race on the 23rd because the next day is the Carlsbad Half Marathon. I'm sure I could do both but I have a certain goal for the Half and have been working up to it for who the hell knows how many months. And don't want to blow it or get injured or not run as fast as I should... so really I don't know what I am doing now.

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