Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday morning long run...well, long to me right now! Trying to take it a little slow at this point so as not to get another injury. See, trying to run smart.

Anyways, we missed the heavy rain . Was just kind of sprinkling when we started. Started a little slow not feeling real great to the halfway point. Wearing a hat, which I never do but wore hat for the rain. Man, with no rain my frickin' head was sweating! Plus I had long sleeves on... I was praying for rain! That shows you how high I rate on His list!!!!! No rain so i plodded through the first half at an avg pace of 9:36. Not happy with the way I was running but stopped at halfway and waited for some others to arrive. I took off with 4 others that kept it at 9 and then down closer to the 8:40 range. When we were running around 8:40 pace 2 guys came FLYING by us. 2nd guy of those 2 was Artie Ojeda who is a local newscaster for NBC San Diego. That dude is flat out fast!!!

So I started to feel a lot more comfortable and for the last roughly 2 miles I took off from the 4 I was with. Ran at or under 8 all the way in. Ended with an avg of 8:56 pace. So second half I was feeling so much better and breathing really good.

Rain held off until the drive home. All in all i had a pretty good run and am happy with the last 2 runs I have had with my pace and cardio.

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