Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last nights Tuesday Balboa Park was the best run I've had in a long time. Ran smooth and easy.

Did our usual warm up run over to 6th Ave . Then we did Leap Frogs running up 6th. Leap frogs where the last person in line sprints to the front of the group (5 people makes a group for this one!). Used to be called an Indian Run but somehow that term became offensive... Something always seems to offend someone nowadays ! Anyways we were the first and fastest group out . We pushed it and pushed it hard! And they are suppose to be sprints so there SHOULD be no bitching but... We did 4 runs up the hill with recovery coming at the top by making the loop back to the bottom of the hill to start a new run. It was great . Felt better each time up the hill. Strong sprints and really didn't hear any complaints!!!!! Juan is always strong. Joe was strong all the way too. Monica is a strong runner also and did more than she thought she could. In truth she is as fast as anyone in our group... Well, maybe not Juan. that guy just runs and runs and runs...FAST!
And Len, who wasn't sure he even wanted to be in our little group of 5, did great too. It's not how fast you sprint compared to everyone else, it's how you do compared to YOUR sprinting.
So hopefully no hard feelings from Len. He'll get over it! Hope his legs are burning today!

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