Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 miles down by the harbor through Seaport Village to the Convention Center and then back to the Coast Guard station. Did some stairs at the CC. Excellent night for running. Not a lot of people and just after Americas Cup teams all left.

Then on the way home ran into traffic because of someone who threatened to jump off a freeway bridge. This started at 2 in the afternoon! I made my way through at 6:30! Jump or get off the bridge... Why one person is allowed to fuck up everyone's night is beyond me. Whatever problems this person has in life he needs to make up his mind in the first couple minutes of getting on the bridge. Jump and we get the cleanup crew and traffic keeps moving OR decide it may not be such a fantastic idea to jump off a bridge and land on concrete and traffic keeps moving then too!
I know I'm an insensitive bastard but ... What the hell, I can't change now!

Anyways... Life goes on .

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