Monday, February 6, 2012

Ok, finally getting to it. This weekend I continued my journey through the Big Baz WTRS Trail Race Series (which is exactly what the T and the R and the S stand for!). Oh well!
So, I plodded through the 12k. I slogged through a sloppy slippery 15k. Now I was on to the 18k. Weather was just about perfect for this one. Started off halfway decent and fell in with group of runners along the single track. Hard to pass so basically we went roughly 3.5 miles in line. Then there was a separation and I ended up with 2 other runners. Basically we were together all the way to the end. A lot of carnage on this race. One of the victims was Doug Malewicki.
He wouldn't clean his wounds until everyone got their pictures of them!
There were quite a few others who came in with blood dripping. One had cuts on his forehead from doing a faceplant .
I got through unscathed! Finished in about 2:12 which I seem to be every race 10 minutes slower than 3 years ago.
Oh well, guess it ain't no big deal. As long as I finish.
Stiffened up by the time I got back to San Diego. Spent the rest of the day drinking fluids and trying to recover. Had a nice nap. Got up from my nap and THEN went to bed!
Next morning was feeling pretty good and put in a run with some nice hills in it and worked out any stiffness I had.
21k coming up in 2 weeks. After that not sure about the 30k.

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