Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Big Baz Trail race took me to Lake Elsinore then up 74.
Well, the weather wasn't too bad until I got to the top of 74. Clouds were real low and was sprinkling at that point. Got to the parking area but we were restricted to the main road and had to walk to the start/signup area. Guess the Forest Service got mad at some people who parked in off limit areas the last race.
Anyways, got my lucky (?) # 161 and went on my way back to the truck.
Started to rain harder and decided long shirt, gloves and my favorite hat... Ice Dogs live on thru me!!! My 2nd rainy run for my Ice Dog hat.
Drank Vita Lyte this race. Drank plenty before and right up to heading to start line. Popped a couple Gu gels and off I went.
Got the pre-race talk from Baz. There was one guy with no shirt on and Baz quickly pointed him out as the one idiot of the group! Mind you the temp on my truck read 46 when I left at 11. Don't know what it was at 8:30... So, off we went. I started much closer to the front this time and didn't have the long follow the leader the first couple miles. This time who ever was faster had to get by me. Didn't actually have alot of people pass but there were a few. Ran in a group of about 4 of us for almost 3 miles til the woman in front of me had to stop to walk for awhile. And the one guy in front of her started to fade. From there i ran by myself probably close to 3-3 and a half miles. Kind of weird and eery running trails by yourself. Not sure if you're on the right trail and all that... I kept hearing this dog barking every so often... and then I heard singing. Turned out to be a runner I was gaining on. Barking every so often!!!! These trail runners are truly strange!!!!!! That's why i love being part of it...
Rain for the first mile and and a half or so down the hill. Then the weather wasn't too bad. No rain and trails not too muddy as the elevation went lower.
Caught up to the barker on a downhill section and passed him . But he was faster on the level than me so he caught me later and ended up finishing in front of me.
The last 2 miles are pretty much a steady climb uphill back to 3400 feet.
Rain and muddy trails worse than at the beginning. Fell in with Leon Grey and followed him for most of that 2 mile stretch. Leon in the first race donated a little blood as his head and elbow got cut open. He still is a fast runner and I knew if I could hang with him to the finish I would have a good finish. We struggled up the hill and with about 3/4s of a mile to go he stopped to get a breath and I went by and as the trails are pretty much only one person wide he followed me to the end. And this time I had a little bit of kick in me and sprinted once we hit the pavement all the way to the finish. 1:44:40... 8 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago. Feel pretty goood about that. Same exact course only difference was mud and knowing what to expect. Leon and I congratulated each other and the barker and I shook hands.
Trail running is competitive, don't get me wrong, but it's more about the challenge and conquering the terrain so everybody is really supportive of each other.
So, Doug talked me into most likely doing the 18k. His philosophy was "it's only a mile and a half longer than this one"... Well, then when does it end. The 21k is ONLY 1 and a haf miles past the 18k... and on and on.
Oh well, Doug was really happy I was 8 minutes faster this time. He's the man!
Changed out of my wet shorts and shirt and changed my very muddy shoes, threw them into the bed of the truck and headed back to beautiful downtown National City .

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