Sunday, February 22, 2009

This was quite a run/hike! Not sure I could make it past the aid station @ mile 3. It was 90 % uphill to that point. And it was a killer... Walked most of that stretch and found out I can't even WALK up a hill as fast as most people WALK...Pathetic. But once I left the aid station it was all downhill for about 2 miles. All the people who walked past me uphill got passed on the way down. Suckers! There was patches of snow here and there as soon as we left the aid station. Not much but just enough to make it way neat.
At the bottom was a creek crossing. Luckily I made it from rock to rock and got across without feeling how cold the water was on my feet. Then UPHILL thru Horse Thief Canyon... and I mean UPHILL for roughly a mile and a half, gaining 1400 feet. So steep and so rocky. It never seemed to end! I'd look up and see other racers on the trail ahead and it seemed so far away. FINALLY made it to the top and it was great. The worst part was over!
And at the top was another aid station . My kind of aid workers. All aid station personnel should be required to wear those skirts!!!!
Grabbed some gatorade, 2 salt things and got on my way. Up and down on a dirt road from that point. Could run most of it. Made some pretty good time thru there. Then we got to the next aid station which was the same as the first aid station. Went on thru cuz I had everything I needed and had ONLY 3 miles mostly downhill from there to go. Made great time on the downhill .

All in all it wasn't great but what the hell else would I be doing! And I made it.Plus you should see me in my new sweatshirt!

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