Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Run With Greg this morning. Started at Fletcher Cove and ran about a mile on the road and then hit San Elijo Lagoon Trails. Mostly a one person width trail. At the start of trail we were told there were about 100 runners coming towards us! (Nothing like a TRUCK coming down the trail but...) Kind of exciting cuz we knew we could take them... Almost like 2 Indian tribes heading towards each other knowing disaster lurks ahead!!!!! Ok, maybe a little dramatic but oh the excitement in the air! Anyways, it was Team in Training and it was tight on the trail but everyone was so polite...Nothing like hockey! Oh well, got thru it and went to the end of the lagoon which was 3.72 miles. Some went another 2 miles up along the Rancho Santa Fe horse pat but I turned around along with 6-7 other people. Made it back to the cove mostly by myself. 7.44 miles total.
Then I headed back to take care of Junior, showered and headed to Hi-Tech bikes in Kearny Mesa to try and snag one of the last 50 entries to the Tri/Duathlon. Snag I did!!! Entered in the Spring Sprint Duathlon. Even saw Nick Spiccuza! I'm in the first wave heading out at 7 am tomorrow. Lucky #196...set your vcr's now. You won't see me any place but set 'em now.
My first REAL Duathlon!

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