Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally a totally pain free run. Not a long one but pain free. Amazing how much I am now looking forward to even a simple less than 5 mile run. I just want to get back to RUNNING...And not the 8-12 miles a week I have been limited to lately.
Anyways, went last wed. and got new shoes again. They are nice and white too! not a good color for me but I will custom blend my own color as I run. Seem to work so far.

Earlier I got in a mtn bike ride at Otay Lake area. About 10 kinda rough miles heading east towards east(?)... I don't really know what it's towards.

Looking south to Lower Otay Lakes. White spot way far away is the dam.....

Next is just towards east end of Lower Otay

And next is some of the easier trail

All in all a pretty good run and ride! Hopefully back to normal. More running and when I get my trail shoes this is my 2nd fave running area. Very few people out there. Rough, hot, dusty, rocky and up and down.

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Lauren said...

Congratulations on a pain free run. I hate the whole injury thing, I get so depressed when it happens to me. My whole goal with running now is NO INJURIES. I hope this means for you that it's only gonna get better and you can get back to all the running you want!

Have fun with the new shoes. I'm still not satisfied with mine.