Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend was full of positive things for me.

5 mile sat. run with inmotionfit group was pain free and a really nice pace for me. Leaders of the group were a little slow for me the first half and once we made the turn the pace picked up quite a bit. Couldn't quite catch one woman in front but finished really strong and shins felt really great.

Sunday was a mtn bike ride thru Sycamore Canyon to the edge of Poway . Nothing major but was a good workout and got plenty hot. Still so much evidence of fire thru there. Trees still there all burnt black and bare.

Monday was my longest run in a LOOOONGGGG time. 7 miles on Bonita trails around Chula Vista Golf course and then around Bonita Golf Course. Didn't know how far it was around the 2 courses but now I do! 7 miles... Nice run, not many people (that's always best!), no pain ( that IS the best!) and started at exactly noon so it was nice and hot(that's always good too!)!
Cops had Bonita Road kind of shut down for funeral procession for CHP officer and his family killed in crash of their throttle stuck Lexus in Santee.

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