Tuesday, October 6, 2009

JUNIOR: 4-15-96 to 10-6-09 Rest In Peace

What can I say? No more licks on the legs after a workout, no more coming back to a wagging tail and an excitement to see me that will never be matched. I only hope he thought I treated him right. not sure if I kept him alive so long for my own selfish reasons or cuz he seemed to want to and look forward to certain things. He seemed good some days and barely able to get around others. Maybe he was telling me it was time...Maybe I was too stubborn and put him thru undo agony and pain. I tried. I did what I could. 4 surgeries and don't think either one of us could deal with another. Maybe he was stronger than me and could deal with it. He kept wagging his tail even when it was such a struggle to just get back from a "simple" walk out front to the grass. He was my strong guy. I love him very much. He tried so hard to keep going and to please me. I don't know why. he should have told me to go to hell long ago. guess i have to remember the good early years. The walks. How he touched so many people. From mailmen to UPS drivers to FedEx drivers. Neighbors at work who accepted him. And all those who he looked forward to because oh just maybe there was FOOD involved. Mailmen who weren't supposed to feed dogs, fed Junior. Half a sandwich thru the mail slot! Our old El Cajon mail man who teared up talking about his dog from childhood , would be in tears now. He took care of Junior with part of his lunch. Junior always searching him out in the complex where he took his lunch. Santee mailmen treated him the same. He was easy to love. Loved people. thought he knew everyone or thought he wanted to know everyone. Chinese birdcage neighbor who could barely speak english fed him. Don't know what he fed him but Junior disappeared for quite awhile in his office so...and always came back licking his chops. i guess he just assumed that's the way all dogs were treated. He was people too. He probably got that from me. I treated him like he was people! He was always with me or if i was some place my only thought was to be back with him. Maybe most people don't treat their dog like that but screw them, I DO! Treats, people gave him treats. Sometimes I got upset with the amount of treats he got. I guess in the long run it doesn't really matter. Made him happy!


I have done mostly what men do,
And pushed it out of my mind;
But I can't forget, if I wanted to,
Four-Feet trotting behind.

Day after day, the whole day through--
Wherever my road inclined--
Four-Feet said, 'I am coming with you!'
And trotted along behind.

Now I must go by some other round--

Which I shall never find--
Some where that does not carry the sound

Of Four-Feet trotting behind.--- Rudyard Kipling ---


If it should be that I grow weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done,
For this last battle cannot be won.

You will be sad, I understand.
Don't let your grief then stay your hand.
For this day, more than all the rest,

Your love for me must stand the test.

We've had so many happy years.
What is to come can hold no fears.
You'd not want me to
suffer so;
The time has come -- please let me go.

Take me where my need they'll tend,

And please stay with me till the end.
Hold me firm and speak to me,

Until my eyes no longer see.

I know in time that you will see

The kindness that you did for me.
Although my tail its last has waved,

From pain and suffering I've been saved.

Please do not grieve -- it must be you

Who had this painful thing to do.

We've been so close, we two, these years;

let your heart hold back its tears.



Lauren said...

Beautiful tribute Rich. I'm so sorry for your loss. He sounded like a true "mans best friend." Junior was born about the time my dog, Daisy, was and I consider her my first child.

Rich Merritt said...

Thanks Lauren. We sure get attached to our furry friends...

Rich Merritt said...

I'd also like to thank everyone who emailed and called.

L.A. Daze said...

I'm sorry i'm just reading this now...and i'm so sorry for your loss. I'm in tears as I read this because it just brings back memories of my first dog. Who knew these critters could have such an impact on us so many years later still.