Saturday, October 3, 2009

Well, being from San Diego I thought San Juan Capistrano was RIGHT on the ocean and thus MUST be somewhat flat. Ok, did I mention I have actually never been THERE? Well, now I have! IT'S NOT ALL THAT FLAT!!!!!
Got to the off ramp for the race and there was a dead coyote on the side of off ramp. Later to find out that the overall winner happened to hit him and dedicated the race to said dead coyote! He ran it in something like 41 min. If only the coyote was that fast...
Saw a couple people from the Big Baz races. Doug Malewicki, Eric Lumba and of course Baz himself.
Started with a not so bad uphill run then flattened for a touch and then another uphill and then another and another and another and well, I think you see the pattern. Made the turn around at San Juan High(?) and pretty much realized I wasn't going to make my 10k best. Out and back courses are always fun because you already know the terrain and every hill you went DOWN now you have to go UP! Yes, I realize I do go down the other side of those hills but somehow it feels like waaay more UPhill than DOWNhill.
So anyways I finished in 1:04 . Not bad for me. My new shoes worked great for me EXCEPT they weren't as fast as I felt they should have been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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