Monday, October 26, 2009


Did something I have a really hard time doing. Joined a new run group tonight . Always hard for me to join a new group. Worry if I am fast enough to keep up and just worry about everything in general. Anyways, it worked out really well and ended up running with the woman who organized the run , Beth B. Never met her before but we ran at the same pace. Not sure if she pushed me or I pushed her. But we ran 5 miles in avg. pace of 8:40. the last half mile or so she sprinted like the mad woman I suspected her to be! Could I keep up? Hell yeah! We sprinted all the way in... Then had a great core workout and got back to finish up a bunch of work crap.

So, 2 good recent runs. Sat. did inmotionfit 8 mile run. First 4 miles ran with 3 other s out to the half way mark at a 9:28 pace and then 3 miles from the end took off and nobody came with me so I HAD to keep the pace fast. Thought I would burn out early but pushed it to under 8 min pace the last 2+miles. Feels good to be running pain free and also fast (for me) again. Heading into my coughing season and 2 of us know how last years Buffalo Alley went!!!!!!!!

But am feeling MUCH better than last year and there will be NO repeat of the purging that happened some place in Carlsbad!

Here's to hoping EVERYTHING works out, KAMPAI !!! ttyl


L.A. Daze said...

I am way too slow for a run group. I'd love to be able to run those paces you're going at, but I can only keep a 9:30 pace for 2 miles before I burn out. I learned that slow but steady is the way to go for me!

Rich Merritt said...

There are a bunch of runners at between 9:30 and 10. I go to mostly running get togethers. We have one that is Tues. nights in downtown SD that has over 50 runners . So there are fast and not so fast runners. Checkout or google local running groups. Doesn't matter how fast you are, just that you do it! And stay injury free...

Lauren said...

What happened at Buffalo Alley last year?

Your pace is great! I could never keep up a pace like that for long.

Rich Merritt said...

Buffalo Alley last year I had a really bad congestion or something in my chest for probably 2 months and could hardly breathe. The morning of the race I could be heard wheezing just walking to the start area. Of course that wasn't going to stop me from doing it and had trouble the whole race. Walked a lot of it and afterward on the way back I started sweating uncontrollably and so we (me and my sister) stopped at In & Out in Carlsbad and I took one bite of the hamburger, didn't swallow anything, spit it out and had to go sit outside. Finally I was ok to get back in the car and head out maybe an exit or something and we had to stop at a gas station to get some Gatorade. Well by the time my sister came back with the drinks i had already been refunding anything I had earlier and too late to make a long story short but preceded to drink 2 Gatorades and we were on our way like nothing happened! But my sister was pretty sure I needed to go to the emergency room.
That's my story...probably for a more accurate account you might want my sister to tell her side of it!

That was a long response but you asked!

I may have a good pace right now but I am really intimidated by you and Tom running up those mtns. I hit a hill on the trails and can barely keep running!
I would love to get up there one weekend to join you guys