Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Monday night Balboa Park 5 miler. Started off with the pack and then down to 2 of us and Katie peeled off to hang with some hunky runner guy and I was left alone to pace myself in. Did pretty good on my own as I pushed pretty hard and ended up with a pace of 8:15 for 5 miles. Was first 5 miler in and waited for everyone else and Mr. hunky guy led us in a great core workout. Who knows I might even end up with six pack abs! Well I have six pack abs, they are just covered somewhat !?! But what the hell another run and maybe a track workout tomorrow night at my beloved Helix High.
Who knows what life brings? We run but really what are we running from? Or to? Why run fast? Why run slow? Should we push ourselves? Does it really matter in the long RUN? Probably not.

That's just the simple thoughts that go thru my head! But those thoughts travel fast cuz there isn't much up there to slow them down.


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