Saturday, November 21, 2009

10 mile inmotionfit run this morning. Started out missing the exit and taking Seaworld Dr. exit which made it so I just barely got there as the group was taking off. Anyways, caught up and worked my way to the front 5 or 6 runners. They pretty much kept the pace right at 8:52 which seemed a little fast to me. Mainly cuz I have never really run 10 miles straight on the road. 3 weeks ago we I did the 9 mile run in 9:01 pace so wasn't sure I could or really should be running faster especially right from the start...but I didn't back off. Eventually, as we crossed Sea World Dr. I finally hooked up again with Mike from 3 weeks before when we did the 9 mile run together. Fell in step with him and the rhythm of his feet slapping the pavement. He's a heavy sounding runner. Just near the Hilton I happened to see the first trainer I ever worked out with in sat. bootcamp classes. Todd Durkin of Fitnessquest 10. He's the trainer to many NFL stars such as LT, Drew Brees , many Chargers and he worked me out for awhile and look at me! ok enough! done looking?

Back to running. Mike and I kept that same 8:52 pace out to the turnaround and stayed together all the way in until it got a little hard(?) to work our way thru the maze of 3 Day Breast Cancer walkers. Save those boobies! So we had to use the dirt path on the side and Mike faded. He later said he couldn't handle running in the dirt and noticed I was pretty comfortable on the dirt trail. So I picked the pace up the last 1 and 1/4 miles and kept it pegged below a 7 pace. Came in hard(?!) and worked the final avg pace down to 8:43 for the 10 miles.

It seemed like 1 of those days where I felt really comfortable. Almost like I could run forever!


L.A. Daze said...

I love those days when I feel like I can run forever. Unfortunately, those happen once in a blue moon!

I've never really ran with a group...maybe i'll look into it. Running + talking doesn't seem to work well for me though.

Rich Merritt said...

You should look into a group run. You will improve faster running with other people and you don't have to worry there will always be someone who runs at your pace. And I just assumed ALL women could TALK and do anything else at the same time!! Emphasis on talk, talk, talk...

Just an observation on my part. Hope I don't get into trouble!