Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday nights Balboa Park run was really good. Started out a nice easy pace of about 9:30 for about the first mile and a half . pretty much was looking for kind of an easy run. Well that theory went to hell when the pace picked up and 6 of us hung together for another mile or so and then it was down to 4. Bear in mind the pace was pushed for the most part to under 8 for the last 3 and a half miles.Insane! I swear they were trying to kill me! But I wouldn't be dropped. Then we were down to 2 of us. Hung with a young woman Katie who could talk at this pace and kept talking to me. I could barely breathe at this pace let alone hold a frickin' conversation! But anyways we stayed together right til the end and ended our 5 mile run at an 8:13 avg pace. That was way faster than I was planning but i guess it goes to show what I can actually do if I push myself . Really good core workout afterwards.

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