Monday, November 2, 2009

Fantastic weekend! Started Friday night with a great 3.6 mile run thru Balboa Park. Special part of the run was the Japanese Friendship Garden! Not because we ran thru it but just the beauty involved...Headed home and didn't quite get enough sleep but it all worked out.
Got up kind of early Sat. for my 9 mile run with the inmotionfit group. Had a really good run. Started out with kind of an easy pace with 3 others in the 9:20 pace range. About 2 miles in one of the women took off from us and 3-4 miles in the other woman stopped for a break. That left me and a guy named Mike who normally ran in the marathon training group but was a little injured and dropped back to the half marathon group. He kind of runs rather loud. Can hear his feet slapping pavement a quarter mile down the road! But it seems to work for him.
Picked up the pace about half way thru and then the last 1.5 miles kicked it into gear and kept it under 8 min pace and finished 9.01 miles with an avg pace of 9.01!!!!
So pretty much hoping that I can keep that pace up because my goal is to finish just under 2 hrs for the half. Will be tough depending how my legs feel from the 15k Trail race the day before but it can be done!

Then, later in the afternoon headed to Mission Trails for a spectacular 3.5 mile trail. This was a run with a fantastic view the whole run! Then a great dinner, super great night and spent Sunday working and watching Jeff Gordon blow any chance for a championship... Dinner at my parents.
So hopefully things are heading in a very positive direction and am as happy as I've been in a long while... So here's to it, KAMPAI !!


Lauren said...

A Balboa Park run -- how lovely! I think I ran around that (not thru it unfortunately) in the San Diego Rock n' Roll marathon.

I don't know how many hills I'll be running in the near future -- I really messed up my IT band on the last one.

I was at Buffalo Alley last year too, don't know if I can climb those hills today : (

Rich Merritt said...

Yes, I read about your injury. Hope it heels fast cuz not being able to run is a bummer!