Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Carlsbad Half Re-Cap

Ok, so back in July my OLDER sister Suzi and I (or me, I can never get that right!) started with inmotionfit to train to run the Carlsbad Half Marathon.
Most Sat. mornings spent with our own group running . Early! Early Saturdays... did I say that?
So, finally we come to race day... No not quite yet! Saturdays expo when we picked up packets SOMEONE wanted to buy and buy and buy shirts. A $70 entry now approaches something like, oh maybe $150! A rough estimate done in my head which is always full of a lot of air and few actual brain cells. So, it took so long ( you know how women shop, right?) I got sucked into the buying frenzy and got a shirt for me and one for the most bestest woman in my life. NO, I didn't get one for my mom! The other bestest woman in my life! Then came the 2 water bottles I bought and then the topper a stupid 13.1 $5 STICKER ! A sticker for $5 !! Are you sh--ting me!????! $5... Ok, I'm close to over that by now! we left there and then had a great home cooked (by that special someone) pre-race meal where of course the conversation turns to making fun of me! ME! Those 2 couldn't stop with stories. What the hell? At least I provide some laughs for people! I survived that and made it somehow to race day.

Race day started early and it was cold. Our support rider (bike) bundled up for her exciting day. I was in wave 3 and OLDER sis in 7 . as I started I pretty much wanted to maintain close to a 9 min pace. Mile 1 came quickly and my awesome support crew(of 1) was there! COOL! Ran over gave her a high 5 and was off. Pretty much started hurting from mile 2 on. My ankle started hurting first and then my left knee and then my right knee. Could anything else hurt? Would I feel it over the excruciating pain of my right knee? Probably not. At the half way point my avg was about 8:42. I decided the pain would not slow me down and pushed it and tried to keep it right around 8:20 pace after half way.
Mile 8 I saw my super supporter again. She runs out to me and I'm thinking maybe a hug, maybe a kiss but no she starts running with me! Awesome! She got this pic then. She ran close to a half mile with me and I did get

my kiss! Actually 2! Best race ever I tell you! Then she hoofed it back to the bike and I continued on . Picking up the pace with about 3.5 miles to go. I kept it in the mid 7's all the way in. Finished at 1:50:23 averaging 8:22. So , besides the knee pain it was a very good run for me. My goal was under 2 hours and I did it. Handsome as hell after!!!>>>>>
Then we saw my OLDER sis come in. This was a major accomplishment for her because I think when she started training she had no idea she would ever really run 13.1 miles. Well, she did! A pic of the finishers

Then we EVENTUALLY headed out and stopped for lunch with more making fun of Rich stories! Don't other people trip, fall, stumble, forget things and misjudge which drawer is the bottom one???? It's not JUST me...
Anyways, it was a great day and we both finished . We had great support that was sooooo motivating it was incredible!


L.A. Daze said...

Congrats! That's a great time. You sound so happy in this post, must be a combination of the runner's high and your (very pretty) supporter! And come on...kisses during a race...can it get any better than that? How sweet!

Rich Merritt said...

No, it really can't get any better than that!
I don't really think it was runners high...but maybe.

Lauren said...

Congratulations on a great race Rich! I love Carlsbad -- great place to run. Tell your sister congratulations too. It wasn't too long ago that I worried I couldn't make a half marathon. She should be very proud of herself (as you too for such a good time)