Saturday, March 20, 2010

So today started not so bright but it was early. Finally dragged myself out of bed and headed out to a run in Mission Trails. Took an out and back trail and got in 7.5 miles at an avg of 9:07. not bad after doing 5 miles at an 8:45 pace the night before.
Trying to make sure my knees are going to hold up so I have tried running back to back days and slightly higher mileage (for me).
So anyways, after the morning run I had the chance to run again and did the same exact trail as before. This time it was much more interesting as the weather was about 76 degrees and some snakes and lizzards were out and about. 2 snakes and 3 lizzards shared the trail with us. This run was 6 miles and it put my days mileage at 13.5. That's the most I have ever run in a single day.
And with this run I officially have run the most miles in a month ever for me! Not much compared to most of the blogs I read but it's what I've done!

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