Monday, October 25, 2010

5.5 miles at avg pace of 8:47. Think I'm back after a mini depression bout and medication that didn't get rid of cough but made it impossible to even breathe for 2 miles.

Did the Great Urban Race here in San Diego on Saturday. Roughly 11 miles of run/walk scavenger type hunt following clues about the city and businesses. Luckily I had a smart teammate! And an even smarter phone!!!!!! Just a touch smarter ...
Did ok I guess . Finished in 3 hrs 47 minutes. Celebrated our victory with beer and food in the Gaslamp.

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Ken said...


Hi. I'm a new blogger, trying to develop a network of runners interested in sharing experiences via blogging. If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hello. There are a number of posts there that might help you with your training. BTW, it looks like that urban race/scavanger hunt was fun.

I'd like to try one sometime.