Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday night 5 miler in Balboa Park. Easy flat run. Got through it at an 8:44 pace. Started off kind of slow at right around the 9:45-10 pace and then kept pushing it lower and lower. Last mile and a half was under 8 mile pace.

Start easy finish strong! Katie's words ring through my head all the time. Not supposed to worry about your time just get the mileage in and stay injury free... I have trouble with that one! I always worry about my time and that is probably why I end up injured... Go figure...

Well, anyways after the run we had our usual core workout and then 5 of us headed out for post run sashimi and biiru at a place other than my usual North Park haunts. Great suggestion Yuko! She knows the good spots that's for sure.


Lauren said...

In agree with the injury free. Injury free! Injury free!

Rich Merritt said...

Yes, injury free! Loved reading about your family vacation. Glad you had a great time.
Hope 2011 brings everything good to you and your family!