Sunday, January 9, 2011

Aaaahhhh, a nice Sunday morning run. Started at the Star of India on San Diego Bay, went through Seaport Village and then did a loop of North Embarcadero then over to a loop of South Embarcadero near the Convention Center and headed towards the Hilton where I turned around and did the same run in reverse. One exception was I did a loop of Tuna Harbor right next to the USS Midway on the way back. Ended up being 6.3 miles. Took it kind of leisurely today and ended with a 9:09 average pace.

So 2011 should be a good running year for me. Seems like the odd numbered years I stay healthy, even numbered years I get hurt... Probably just jinxed myself!!!!
But I am planning some races. Right now will be working towards a couple of the Big Baz Trail Races... Yes a couple, because you HAVE to do 2 races in his series to get a T-shirt!!!!
And then some more trail races after that.


Y said...

Happy to hear that you are back in a running habit. Good luck on your races! My next race is the Super Seal Sprint in March. Wish me luck on this!

Rich Merritt said...

Ok... Luck!

Thanks for the somewhat contact Y.