Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is going to be a look back on the year of 2010. It was the absolute best year of my life so far.

I spent almost the whole year with the woman of my dreams. Never ever thought I would meet someone who meant so much to me. She got me doing things and looking forward to seeing her like no other woman ever in my life. We ran, hiked, biked, laughed, drank , ate , spent soo much time together (Too much for her, not enough for me!) and eventually crying together.
Couldn't get enough of that woman. She was the one for me. Unfortunately I wasn't the one for her.
She was my best friend. And this from someone (me) who never really considers anyone a friend, let alone a best friend. Any run I would go on and she wasn't with me I carried my phone just in case she called or sent a text. Now... I don't even consider carrying my phone when I run or hike. Nobody I really look forward to hearing from anymore.
She taught me a lot. She was extremely good for me. Learned a lot about myself from her. Hated losing her. Hard running Balboa Park/Morley Field... worried if I see her or run into her... what do I say? how do I act? I still miss her so much. Life is a lot different without her.
Doubt she will ever consider me a friend again. I'll always be hers whenever she needs a true friend.
Hopefully she is happy and has found the one for her. She is truly a very special person. Any man with her should feel extremely lucky to be the one she wants to spend time with.

Business wise 2010 was by far the best year ever. Increased orders that were hard to keep up with. A couple new customers and old reliable customers made for a great year.
A new customer for us was Rocket Pucks. Roller hockey pucks that are the best puck on the market! And not just because we manufacture them!

Military compacts were another big seller for us. Can be found through BobbieWeiner.
Had to double my workforce!!! Seriously! No laughing from the peanut gallery.
Hired a hard working young guy from my past. Turned out to be a super young man... In spite of being too influenced by me. Hard worker and really pays attention to detail. Hope like hell he gets what he wants from life. Just temporary with me but he should make a great life for himself.

So it was a great year in many ways. Absolutely unforgettable year for sure. Super highs and really low lows. But a learning experience for sure. Can't imagine matching this year anytime soon.

Here's to hoping 2011 is the year for ALL of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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