Friday, February 11, 2011

I joined the inmotionfit regulars on Thursday night. Seemed like a halfway decent bunch of people!!! Most I knew their face but not their name. Was a good run and settled in with a guy named Brad who set a pretty good pace. Mostly around 9:15 pace. Only 2nd run back after injury and felt like I might have been pushing it a little bit but kept going. Breathing was off from the start. Hard for me to get into the right breathing rhythm until the halfway point. We waited for everyone (other than Dave , who was way ahead of us) at the halfway point. 4 of us headed back to the start. Even though we ran faster I felt better running and with my breathing for sure. 2 weeks off from running really makes a difference. I'm confident I'll be back with the front runners in no time! I hope!
Anyways, we got in roughly 5.25 miles and ended with an avg. pace of 9:08 pace.

Thursday night runs will work out nice for me. Running Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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