Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday night inmotionfit group run from Star of India down through Seaport Village past the convention center to the Hilton. Ran with Juan and Dave down and then back it was me along with Len, Juan and Dave. We ran fairly easy back to where we started and then to get in 5 miles we headed to the Coast Guard turn around. Len cut off early to get in 4. The 3 of us continued on . They kept picking up the pace as we were running consistently 8:30 pace and under. Finally we hit the turnaround... But no relief from those 2! They continued faster and faster. Pushing it to under 8 and then the last 3/4ths of a mile we were doing 6:45-6:50 pace! These guys try everything they can to try and drop me but I won't be dropped !!! I stuck with them and we finished mid 8 avg after the first part of the run was over 9:15 avg.

So, not bad but was supposed to be an easy run tonight. I just can't seem to back off when it would be in my best interest to take it easy.
Early morning trail run tomorrow. Miss my latest early morning running partner but...

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