Friday, May 6, 2011

Ok, moved to Point Loma this week for Tanya's run. 5 mile basic looperoola type run. Keep making rights and you make a big ass u- turn..
Met at Fresh and Easy lot... I had no idea it was a food place... Thought maybe a douche product,,, but I'm sure that is just how MY mind works!!! Anyways, off on our little run ... headed up down Talbot then turned right on something. Actually ran through an area of Ocean Beach that I recognized! Yep. been there done that... Felt like getting some tacos and brewskis at South Beach... But soldiered on running with Brad and then Tanya caught up to us and Tanya and I took off at an 8:30 pace. Brad having a rough night. I was just happy to find someone willing to push it a bit.

Then on to Voltaire in the OB area. Waited for others to catch up then took off with a group of ladies. Hooked up with Katie on hill back to the start. Roughly just under 2 miles to go. She pushed me all the way up that hill. Awesome pace. You know how sometimes you run with someone... You both push yourself harder than you thought you would... Both doing it because the other person is there! You don't have to say anything... Maybe you CAN'T say anything at all... But you totally respect and appreciate that that person is there to experience it with you. Finally leveled out near the end and Katie pushed it all the way to the end. She accused me of pushing her but I'm SURE she was pushing me. Either way we had a great run!
A lot hillier than Pacific Beach and as my running guru (Katie) says, Hills are the way to increase something(?)...Speed, stamina, leg strength... I really don't remember. I don't listen to EVERYTHING she says... After all, she is married and much more importantly NOT Asian! So I only hear bits and pieces of what she says....

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