Sunday, May 1, 2011

11 miler yesterday. Finally back and feeling better than ever... in ALL ways. Getting the mileage up. Had a pretty good run starting at Balboa Park and then heading up 6th ave, then University Ave to Park and then downtown and well... after so many turns and finally ended up at the cruise ship terminal. I recognized some but downtown San Diego is not Rich friendly! I just followed my running guru Katie and trusted her the whole way... She said at beginning of run that if you didn't want to get lost just stay with her. So I did. Women rule my life>>> Like it, Love it, can't get enough of it!
Katie's awesome. She puts up with my smart ass remarks and still talks to me. But then again who that spends ANY amount of time around me doesn't put up with my smart ass crap? That's me... I'm not changing so get the f--k used to it.

Anyways back to the run. Finished up not real strong but finished! Dehydrated and "napped" the rest of the day! But eventually had a lunch at dinner time!!!!! Then Harbor Island and late night snack in Coronado.

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