Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NASCAR guys are in Vegas for their banquet. Will be hangin' with them!... Kind of... Same State. Same county. Same City. Of course the only one I care about is Jeff Gordon. So if I see him... Oh yeah! Almost forgot there is a little run I am doing. Rock N Roll Half Marathon. Everything is set and ready to go. No PR this race I predict but will just enjoy the run. Never know what will happen once the race starts but am just hoping to be close to 2 hours. 1:50 being my best HM, I honestly don't think that will be within reach this time.
Got in my last long run Monday night as I missed my Sunday run. Really good run . Got in 10 miles. Run again Thursday night and want a short easy run sometime Saturday.
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But if I see Jeff Gordon I may get a PR!!!

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