Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back from doing the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. Buzzed up on Friday. Stayed at Luxor right next to Mandalay Bay where the race was starting. Checked in . Got some dinner and then all of a sudden seemed real late real quick! Saturday we headed out to the Expo. Nothing beats walking 3 miles when it's nice and cold and really windy!! Plus we are walking BACK!!! Picked up the packet and walked around the Expo trying every free drink and nutrition bar that was being offered. Got the hell out of there and headed for some FOOD! Had my number and was looking damn good!!! Even if I'm the only one that thinks so! This was one of the super eats that I had (actually had all great food on this trip.)
Headed back down the strip checking out some different hotels with Christmas themes.
And then to M&M WorldThen to Coca Cola Store... Boring as hell and sacrilegious to me... Because I am a Diet Pepsiguy!!! Almost like me going to an Obama convention! Yeah, lots of fun!!!! One more year and out, PLEASE!
Later we headed over to the
MGM for a nice Ahi Salad.
Sunday we hooked up withmy sister and her roomies for lunch in the Mandalay Bay. I had Salmon plopped on some other stuff(?). Mainly ate only the salmon. Left those reading glasses in the hotel when we checked out... Oh well, I buy them by the 3 packs at CVS!
Went back to our room. Rested
and watched Tiger win some golf deal. Got ready for the race and then it was like being herded like cattle through Mandalay Bay making our way to the start area. Once there immediately hit the port a potty ( because I love peeing on poo!!!) and then made the crush and I do meanCRUSH to my proper and almost appointed corral. Once my corral started it was another crush of elbow to elbow walking and then slightly a jog and then an actual run. Jesus, too many goddam runners all in one place! Quite a contrast to trail races I do where the entry is capped in the low HUNDREDS... This Half had over 33,000 entries! It was somewhat of a mess for the first couple miles... Aaah, who am I kidding it was a mess all the way to the finish. Wall to wall people.
My run was absolutely positively nothing spectacular. I just
pretty much ran a steady race after the first mile. Averaged 9 all the way and finished at 1:58:14 . Wanted anything under 2 hours so I was happy enough. Took mea little while to recover but was back to my normal self in no time!
Got a shower and recovered a
nd went back to my sister who was already finished looking as freshas ever! And this is how she thanked me for the effort I put in to take her pic after HER race! Was only trying to help! Like I always do!!!! Headed out afterwards with my sister for a couple drinks and some eats. Guess she forgave me for the pictures... Well , until this post!
Got to bed around 1 and got up at 6 to get my sister
to the airport but first I had to get gas... Nice price!
Overall, a very fun weekend and glad I entered back when I was injured. This was the big motivation I needed to get back to running and am so happy to be through some of my past problems and injuries.


Lauren said...

33,000!!! Yikes. And that food -- Yum. I could have some of that salmon! Glad you had a good time.

Rich Merritt said...

Roughly 40,000 counting Marathon people. Yes, food was awesome! And I did have fun! Congrats on your 1500 miles!
And thanks for tagging the Griffith Park pic for me!