Monday, January 9, 2012

A little late with this post but that happens! Did the Baz WTRS 12k trail race Saturday. Turned out to be perfect weather. Headed in to pick up my number and heard someone calling my name... One of my many fans??? Well yeah kinda, the ONLY one at this race. Lauren was there volunteering and taking pics all day.

Started the race off too fast. Finally pulled off to the side and left the pack I was with. Caught my breath and tried to hang with the next group of runners. Never quite got in my comfort zone til a little over 3 miles in. Tough recovering when I start too fast. I seem to have that problem mainly in trail races I do. Road races I seem ok with. Somehow I seem to think I should be maintaining the pace on the trail as I do on the road and consequently I run way too fast at the start. Then it all blows up and I struggle to get back to a pace I can maintain just to finish. Need to race smarter!

Anyways, finally got feeling ok and comfortable but still feel I should run more and walk way less. Love the downhills that were just before the final roughly 2 miles up to the finish. Plus the last little run into the finish on the pavement was nice too!
Finished right at about 50% of the field. 75th out of 148... Will do better in the 15k in a couple weeks!
Stuck around for the post race Bazfest. It's worth the drive just to be there there for Baz to hand out the awards and then the raffle. Truly one of a kind!!!

Overall I guess I should be happy but I always look back at what I should've and could've done different. Doesn't help this race but maybe future ones.

Was happy to see Lauren and it takes people like her volunteering all race day to make it possible. And she got me to pose for a pic! Not an easy task!


Lauren said...

Great to see you Rich! Will I see you at any other Baz races? I know it will only be at the Start Line, if I'm running. I think you did a great job. Congratulations!

Rich Merritt said...

Yes, I will be doing the 15k and will see from there about any others. Hoping I can do all in the series...Need another jacket!