Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Excellent run tonight! Just what I needed. Went to inmotionfit training run. Ran all the way with Juan. And you better want to run fast if you intend to stay with him! Quite a bit faster pace than I had planned on but it was really good to push myself to hang with Juan.
Started out kind of slow.Finally passing everyone to lead the pack to the Hilton. Saw our fearless leader and local TV personality Katie fresh off her appearance on the Sunday local news to tell us STUFF...about running! Anyways, we waited for the pack and then headed back to the Star of India. Juan increasing the pace little by little. We decided to run to the Coast Guard turnaround. We ended up running in the low 8:00 pace for the last 2+ miles. Got in 5 miles and felt great afterwards.
Juan is off to Maui for a half marathon this weekend and a lot of other people are doing Carlsbad Sunday. I'm off to the mountains again for another spectacular blazingly fast trail race Saturday!!!

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