Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rainy cold windy muddy... Great combination for a trail race. Big Baz WTRS 15k in the books people!
Headed out of 619 (San Diego!!!) and weather was good . All the local weather hotties said we would wake up to rain. Maybe they did. I don't know what time they get up,,, unfortunately! But I woke up and left to a really nice looking day. Well that kinda changed when I hit Temecula and it started spritzing. Nothing much. Once I got to Lake Elsinore it was coming down quite a bit more. Worked my way up 74 to the start area and it came down a lot harder. It was cold, too. 44 upon my arrival. At least I was parked close to the start area and went to pick up my bib. Pouring and my little jacket was drenched by the time I got to the sign up . Hightailed it back to the truck freezing my ganoobles off! Sat in the truck til 8:15.

I then headed out to the start to listen to the wisdom of BAZ. Race started and I decided to start a little slow. Ran up the pavement to hit the trail head about  a mile. Started TOO slow. Got stuck on the single track trail in a group of runners I should have been ahead of. But, not much I could do about it . No passing on a one runner wide trail. Trails were extremely muddy also. So pretty much had to just ride it out. And this was the part of the race that was my time to shine. Well I had no shine today... This was supposed to be MY fast part of the race but... what the hell... it's all good. Once we hit the uphill you know I fade like Herm Cain once the shit hit the multiple women fan!!! Mud, slippery yet somehow sticky mud made for ginger (even though I am a Mary Ann fan) running. Once we made it down we then had to go up. I got so tired near the end that I didn't even have the energy to dodge the water. I figured what the hell at this point and just ran straight thru the middle of every water hazard. Finally got back to the pavement and what the hell is up with people telling me I LOOK GOOD? I know they are lying... I feel like crap, I look like crap and I might even need to take a cr... No not really but hope you get my point.

Finished worse than last race, so now is where I have to say I will be better next time... Sound familiar? But I survived the conditions and that's the main thing for this one.
Headed back down the mountain and stopped at Subway for a sandwich.Yummy!

I'll be back!

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