Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Monday another Monday Balboa Park run. Started off the first 3.2 miles in the front running with a woman who at first I thought was like maybe 15 but it turns out she is a senior at USD. Oh well, what the hell do I know? Everyone seems younger to me. But ran with her and shared some laughs about one of the guys in the group. He's considered the creepy guy by the women in the group and there has been talk of trying to get him banned from coming but tough to implement.

so anyways we had a good pace going and assumed (wrongly) that everyone near the front was going 5 miles. Turned out everyone EXCEPT me was doing the 3.5 loop. So they peeled off and headed back and I trudged on alone (again naturally!). Anyone know that song? Busted my best moves past the zoo and finally pushed it hard to get in at an 8:16 avg. pace. A touch off my best the night before my birthday to answer that question...Got to the end and stretched out a little and missed

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