Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Ride and Tie event today at Los Penasquitos Canyon. A ride and tie is 1 bike, 2 people. One starts on the bike, the other runs. The person on the bike leaves the bike up the trail someplace . Then they take off running. The first runner gets to the bike and takes off and eventually passes the other person and then leaves the bike on the trail and on and on. Basically always leap frogging your teammate. Ride and tie coming from when horses are used. Plus this one involved finding stuffed animals, plastic eggs and different weird things, each of which has a value placed on it and the more you get the more time is taken off your final finish time. Confused yet?
When we got there the temp was 44. 2 and a half hours later when we left was 78!
Anyways, all I picked up was 2 plastic eggs and a bucket. Teammate picked up a bunch of stuffed animals that she carried in a backpack she brought. Of course I made her carry everything! Not really. It was her choice.
Pretty much 6 miles up the canyon and coincidentally 6 miles back to the start. Got some good trail running mileage in. Not sure how much cuz I forgot my Garmin. Don't know how I was even able to run without it! Seemed like a great way to start a day filled with too much eating. Burned a lot of calories and had too much fun!

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