Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kind of a last minute decision of where to run tonight. Out of my rut of running Balboa Park. Don't get me wrong Balboa is great and has a lot to offer but...

Anyways headed to Poway with my sister to meet up with inmotionfit tuesday group. Met at a shop called The Triathlete Store and headed out for a 5 mile run. About 85 degrees, which means perfect running weather for me.

Started off running with 3 other guys. Then ended up just 2 of us hooked up for the whole run. Ran a nice course of some nice kinda steep hills and some fun downhills. hit the halfway point at about a 9:04 average. A little slow as far as I'm concerned. But stayed with the same runner, Javier, and it all worked pretty good. Coming back we ran at under an 8 pace and ended with an average of 8:25.

Pretty happy to be back to group running and having someone to run with and push each other.
Plus, my foot is feeling a little better. Can still feel it and have to worry about stepping on rocks which is very painful but for the most part am feeling better.
Food and drinks after. Pinot Grigio ! No beer but I lived thru it.
everyone that showed up I really think enjoyed the route and also the hospitality of the Tri Store owners.

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