Sunday, March 27, 2011

Everything was going along today just fine. Was getting some work done, settling in to watch Jeff Gordon turn in a brilliant(?) 18th place finish and heading out for a run after the race. But in middle of the race got a text from my sister that my dad is in the ER. So I put some pants on... No, actually I just put CLEANER pants on and headed to the hospital.
And there he was laying as helpless as can be. Tough seeing your dad like that. The one person I have always looked to for well... pretty much everything. He's always been a tough dude and a great provider to his family. The one I always look to in business. I always know I have him to fall back on. When things go wrong in our business he always has to come up with the answers to fix the problem... When things run smooth I will ALWAYS take the credit!!!
He's always been someone I have looked up to. Supported me through all my stupid racing of motorcycles, cars and playing hockey crap. He even raced and played ALL of those too! Yeah, he is a crazy bastard! But a super great dad. Puts up with way too much from me... not to mention others in my family. Don't know how him and my mom did and do it. They keep going even at their age, doing for everyone else. Taking no credit just doing it.

He's had a tough 2 weeks since his surgery and thought he would bounce back like he always has but this one has taken more out of him and he needed to convalesce maybe a little more. Maybe, just maybe he should have listened to my mom a little more! After all she is the glue that has kept them together 60 happy goddam years!
So, he's in the hospital tonight and will let anyone who cares know whats going on soon as I know


Lauren said...

Oh, Rich. So sorry to hear about your father. Will say a prayer for him (& your family tonight)

Rich Merritt said...

Hey Rich came across your blog (admittedly googling myself) and I'm training for USMC marathon...anyway my thoughts are with you as you go through this with your dad. Been through it myself so my heart goes out to you and your family.

Rich Merritt