Friday, March 25, 2011

Off the trails for Tanya's Pacific Beach Thursday Run. Headed out trying to convince my sister to run with me... But she won't! I ask her if I can run with her almost every time we are in the same group run. But NO!!!!She just tells me to get out of here... She might as well be telling me to F--k off and Die! Which when I do kick the bucket I'm sure the coroner will list as cause of death: F--k-d Off and Died . Hope he doesn't mention the Foul Odor!

Well anyways, after that stinging rejection from my sister, being the sensitive guy that I am I wiped the tears away and found a new running partner. We ran a very consistent pace, slower than I normally run but good enough for tonight, to the turn around and waited for the next runners but they never came and we headed back passing them shortly after we started the run back. ( 2 backs in one long sentence... Oh well, I'm not Shakespeare people!). Picked up the pace a little on the way back. (Another back!) Used my tactic of running slightly ahead and a little faster to get the other runner to step it up a touch. Works every time. No one wants to fade away!
So just over 5 miles with the group being small tonight due most likely to the SDSU basketball game against a Big East opponent. My prediction came true: Once the Aztecs went up against a Big East team they would lose. But man oh man they almost pulled it off... Can you say Stupid Technical Fouls!? A Steve Fisher coached team should have more poise and discipline than those 2 guys. One is a star player. Go play NBA! The other a freshman. Hope he learns whats what real quick. Like by his sophomore season!

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